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Cargo Insurance Simplified.

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Online Cargo Solutions

We reduce the time and cost of obtaining cargo insurance by offering a web-based system that enables you or your customers to declare shipments and issue Certificates of Insurance instantly online.

Main Features

Main Features

  • Declare shipments online
  • Issue instant Certificates of Insurance
  • Use declaration templates for voyages
  • Check validity of Certificates of Insurance online
  • Report claims online
Open Cargo Policy

Open Cargo Policy

Whether you’re a logistics provider, importer or exporter, our online tool and open cargo policy simplify the process of declaring and insuring shipments. For shippers who sell on CIF terms, the web application automatically generates a Certificate of Insurance for each declared shipment.

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Single Shipments

Single Shipments

We can help you insure Single Shipments quickly and with no paperwork. Our online tool lets you get a quote, bind coverage and receive a Certificate of Insurance via email.

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